3500 Word Minimum paper


 Based on the business scenario attached.  Write a minimum of 3500 words identifying the key stakeholders of the company who will have an interest in the implementation project and who will approve your implementation plan. Identify any challenges you anticipate in working with these stakeholders and strategies for leveraging their position within the company, their strengths, and their level of support for the project. Specify all of the human resources that will be required to implement the application and describe the roles each will play on the project.  Identify computer and network resources that will be required in order for the system to be useable in a production mode of operation. Develop a project communication plan to describe how stakeholders and managers will be kept informed regarding project progress. This will include the form of communication (status reports, meetings, etc.), frequency, and specific project milestones that will aid in determining where the implementation stands.  Describe the various kinds of documentation that will be required to support the future system operation, including both user and technical documentation.  Describe the Change Control Process that will be employed on the project to properly manage any disruptions to the progress of the project.  Evaluate out-sourcing of implementation tasks, using consulting services versus performing them in-house, describing the costs, benefits, and challenges associated with each option Describe the user acceptance testing plans for ensuring the Business Enterprise Software performs at an acceptable level. Include the following:•Develop a data conversion plan that describes the process of migrating existing data to the testing platform.•Describe the test environment, including hardware requirements and the personnel who will participate in user acceptance testing.•Explain the methods and procedures that will be used to conduct the testing, such as performance testing, load testing, and/or regression testing.  


3500 Word Minimum paper

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