Discovery Civics assignment


Short Answer Questions (Two will appear on the exam; must be between 6-10 sentences per response) What are the two distinct branches the emerged during the second wave of the women’s movement? Please explain each and describe how they are similar and different. What are the assumptions of Collective Behavior Theory?  Please explain each and provide examples for each. What are the three items that influence mobilization?  Please explain each and describe how they are similar and different.  Be sure to provide examples of each.Please briefly explain what sparks a social movement and why do particular movements originate when they do.  Provide examples to support your position.  Essay Question (One will appear on the exam, must be at least 4 paragraphs; 4-6 sentences per each paragraph)  Please write an essay that explains the three theories of social movements.  Be sure to address the origins, features and focuses, and key outcomes of each theory.  What theory do you think would best helps to identify and analyze social movements in the 21st century?  Please provide examples to support your position.Please write an essay that compares and contrast the Environmental and Economic movements.  Be sure to identify key characteristics of the each of the movements, mobilization and recruitment, collective action, major outcomes, spinoff movements, etc.  How have these movements impacted our concept of public good & goods and civics in the United States?  Please provide examples to support your position. 


Discovery Civics assignment

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