COMPETENCIES TO MASTER·         Can define, explain and use mass media terms and concepts·         Can critique and evaluate mass mediated messages·         Can identify and analyze ethical issues presented by social and mass media·         Can listen to and understand speaker's underlying values and purpose·         Can evaluate information and its sources critically·         Can create a brief presentation·         Can create an extended presentationOverviewYour two year-old is clamoring for fast food because she wants the toy that comes with the meal. Meanwhile, your six year-old has become a couch potato whose favorite game is sponsored by a cereal company. Finally, your teenage niece believes everything she reads on the internet.In this Project, you will analyze advertising meant for children and teenagers – a multibillion dollar industry that seeks to create new, young consumers and keep them for life. You will focus on three types of marketing: television commercials, sponsored games and websites.DirectionsYou have been invited to make a slide presentation to the Parent-Teacher Association about advertising that is targeted to children and teens. Your presentation will need to show parents how media messages are “constructed.” It will also need to show parents how to “deconstruct” these messages – in other words, how to analyze what’s going on in the games, commercials and websites their children encounter every day. The Project Steps document in Project Resources will help you prepare for your slide presentation. DELIVERABLES·         Slide PresentationAccepted File Types: .pptx, .ppt, .ppsx, .pps, .pdf Required Reading  



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