Option #1 - Motivation Recognition Paper


Read three scholarly peer-reviewed sources from the CSU Global Library and prepare a 3-4 page paper. The sources you select should each focus on a different firm with all three firms representing different industries. After reading these sources, develop a comparison between the leadership of the firms to answer the following questions and prepare a 3-4 page paper:Explain the leader’s role in employee engagement.Explain how leaders can motivate others through recognition.Explain how leaders can motivate using social equity theory.Explain the characteristics of coaching and how to practice coaching skills and techniques.Explain goal theory and if this theory was or was not successful and why.InstructionsWrite a 3-4 page paper, or about 1500 words, not including the title and reference pages—which are required.Your paper must be properly cited and formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.Include a formal Works Cited page. This is an individual paper, however, you should reflect on our Discussion Forums and incorporate ideas from there, as appropriate.You must support your analysis with at least three scholarly references and can include resources from this course. Each source will focus on one firm with all three firms coming from different industries. Sources such as Wikipedia, USA Today, Fox News, or MSNBC news will not be accepted. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these sources.


Option #1 - Motivation Recognition Paper

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