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Another one of your responsibilities as CFO is to determine the suitability of new and current products. Your CEO has asked you to evaluate Android01. That task will require you to combine data from your production analysis from Project 2 with data from a consultant's study that was done last year. Information provided by the consultant is as follows:initial investment: $120 million composed of $50 million for the plant and $70 million net working capital (NWC)yearly expenses from year 1 to year 3: $30 millionyearly revenues from year 1 to year 3: $0yearly expenses from year 4 to year 10: $55 millionyearly expected revenues from year 4 to year 10: $95 millionyearly expenses from year 11 to year 15: $60 millionyearly expected revenues from year 11 to year 15: $105 millionRevenues will vary between $80 million (minimum) and $105 million (maximum) for years 4 to 10, and between $90 million (minimum) and $110 million (maximum) for years 11 to 15.This concludes the information provided by the consultant.You also have the following information:The asset beta of the project is 1.5. The expected return to the market is 8 percent, and the market risk premium is 5 percent.Assume that both expenses and revenues for a year occur at the end of the year. NWC pays the bills during the year, but has to be replenished at the end of the year.Android01 is expected to cannibalize the sales of Processor01 while also reducing the variable costs for the production of Processor01. From years 4 to 10, revenues are expected to fall by $5M, whereas variable costs will go down by $1 million. Processor01 is to be phased out at the end of the 10th year.At the end of the 15th year, the plant will be scrapped for a salvage value of $10 million. NWC will be recovered.Question 10: Calculate the expected cash flows from the Android01 project based on the information provided.Question 11: Calculate the NPV for a required rate of return of 6.5 percent. Also calculate the IRR and the Payback Period.Before starting your calculations, review the following materials on NPV, IRR and Payback Period.Submit your Cash Flow Report and Calculations to the dropbox below. Be sure to show your calculations in Excel and provide a narrative analysis in PowerPoint. Your narrative analysis should summarize the results of your analysis and make recommendations for the benefit of the company. Before you submit your assignment, review the competencies below, which your instructor will use to evaluate your work. A good practice would be to use each competency as a self-check to confirm you have incorporated all of them in your work.


account /excel homework due today

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