wk 3 q&a


1.    What assessment tools are utilized as a practitioner with a human service degree? Why are these tools important? What data is necessary to collect in order to truly assess client needs? (Please be specific.)  2.              2.What types of assessment data should be gathered from clients? 3.              3. What is linkage, or brokering, of services?  4.    How can interviewing skills facilitate the acquisition of quality data from clients? How would you rate your level of competency in these skills? How would you address any of your deficiencies?                                                                                                                5. What is meant by personal relationship skills?                                                 6. How do verbal communication techniques enhance the helping relationship?7How do people express themselves without using words?8. How do human service workers enhance their skills once they are employed?          


wk 3 q&a

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