Marketing, Human Resources, Final Conclusions


It is time to assign a workforce along with a marketing strategy to your plan. At the end, a presentation generally concludes with a look ahead, so that will be the last portion of the plan.Create a 5-7 slides presentation using the speaker's notes section for your content and the slides for presentation purposes. Include the following information:Create a Marketing PlanConcentrate on the changes you will need to make for global promotion efforts. Can any of the current marketing efforts be kept? What type of marketing does your chosen global market respond to? What will not work well in your market that may work for your domestic marketing plan?Create a Human Resources PlanHow will you handle staffing and recruitment activities? Turnover?How will you address the differences with Global HR needs?Conclusion forecasting what's nextYour presentation should be proofread for spelling and grammar. Your presentation slides should be concise.


Marketing, Human Resources, Final Conclusions

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