Discussion Questions


Responses for questions 1 & 2 should be between 200 - 300 words long and contain a reference to source materials that support your statements. For the remaining questions, drafta response to each individual question with a minimum of 75 words each. 1.       Why do extrinsic motivators tend to lose their motivating properties in the long term?2.       What is the impact of goal setting on employee motivation?3.       In what ways can the workplace help shape and foster positive affect without seeming manipulative?  4.       Explain the downstream consequences of the Deliberate versus Implemental mindsets.05.       Discuss the Four Mindsets and their associated motivational systems.6.       Discuss the two types of expectancies 7.       Discuss the Prototypical Learned Helplessness Study and its application to Humans.8.       Why do high-hope individuals outperform and out cope their low-hope counterparts? 


Discussion Questions

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