Article Presentations-essay



All written work should be presented in a professional style and follow basic principles of effective written communication. In addition the following format requirements are mandatory:


1-inch margins

12 pt. Times New Roman Font

APA style standards (without      the use of abstracts for this course)

Free from grammatical and/or      typographical errors

Demonstrated graduate-level      critical thinking, reflection, synthesis and analysis skills

All written work submitted will be graded on      both composition and content.

All work must be developed utilizing MS Word.

You may not submit any work from another      course. 

Failure to use APA citations and references      will result in a zero


APA format and citation is a must. Follow formatting as is written earlier in the syllabus (times new roman font of 12, double space, one inch margins, cover page & reference page). The analysis should be written following your thorough reading of the respective article(s) and should include the following components:

Ø Essential content from the articles synthesized into a summary of what the author(s) had to say about the topic. 

Ø A discussion of how the information in the articles content is useful in professional development or career planning. Feel free to use “I” statements in this section.

Ø Your reflections on the content in the articles from your own personal and professional experience. You may use “I” in this section. 

Ø Write these essays as if your reader has never read the articles and is not a member of our class. Present this essay as if you were submitting it to a professional or trade journal sharing the information your garnered from your sources and integrating your own experiences. 

*Essay format to include: Intro paragraph, body of the work, and a conclusion. Essays should be 3-4 pages (no more, no less), not including cover page and reference page.

Article Presentations

Students will construct, deliver and film a presentation utilizing power point (or another such product). All presentations will be 5-10 minutes in length. Articles will be selected on the first night of class from the list provided below. In addition to presenting the article, students will write an essay about it (see section above) and submit it prior to the start of class. 


Article Presentations-essay

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