What would be good response to this?


What would be good response to this?"Although some believe humans are not the cause of global warming, scientist have asserted that people are accelerating global warming at a rapid pace due to their use of consumer products, fossil fuel, and industrial emissions." This was the claim that I used for the essay to layout a detailed plan for what I would talk about through the rest of my essay. I then used the rest of the essay to prove my claim by giving facts, statistics, and quotes from peer-reviewed sources. I used the standard Toulmin format that we learned in the lessons for that week and filled in the information in order of the three causes of global warming that were in my claim. If I were to claim as a Middle Ground argument I would have had to adjust my claim to be unbiased and more neutral. The rest of the paper I would have been more neutral and presented just facts as opposed to arguing for my position. I would have had to find at least two more sources for the counter argument side to balance out the opposing views. I think the Middle Ground solution would not necessarily be more practical based on the lack of true evidence for both sides of the argument. I think that the Toulmin method is the most effective method for this topic. 


What would be good response to this?

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