You receive an email from Liz Hitchens, Marketing Manager Subject:


You receive an email from Liz Hitchens, Marketing ManagerSubject: Operational plan Hello,I have been working through the requirements of the current BizOps Enterprises operational plan (July-September). One of the line items, for which I have responsibility, is the purchase of delivery vans for each of our retail outlets. I want you to take on the management of this specific part of the operational plan. You will report directly to me on this, but as it is a budget item with an allocation of $7.5 million, all reporting and approvals will need to be approved by senior management. Refer to the 'project task Instructions' section that follows for the tasks required to manage this part of the operational plan.Kind regards,Liz HitchensMarketing ManagerOrganization operational planTask 1: Undertake some research to determine the resources required to manage and implement this item in the operational plan. As this is a big-ticket budget item, senior management will be very keen to see the research questions addressed, and what you found. Your report should list each of your research questions, your sources and your findings. It is important that your questions address relevant items in the mission statement and its business plan objectives.Task 4: Establish a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) that will assist in monitoring the implementation of your detailed operational plan. The KPIs must support the broader KPI outlined in the operational plan.


You receive an email from Liz Hitchens, Marketing Manager Subject:

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