No, we're not actually writing a binary tree implemenation. BST's are implemented in the STL's map and set , so we'll just use theirs.


No, we're not actually writing a binary tree implemenation. BST's are implemented in the STL's map and set, so we'll just use theirs.For this assignment use any combination of the C++ STL containers, array (C++11), vector, deque, stack, queue, list, priority_queue, set, and/or map. Do not use any of your own templates. Write CPP for part 1 and another for part 2. Make sure to name them so that it's clear which is for part 1 and which is for part 2.Part 1, Another Use Of The DVC Schedule DatabaseCollege catalogs sometimes list courses that have not been offered in many years, and departments have no intention of offering them again. It's a disservice to students and to the community to continue to list them. For this (and several other reasons) the administration wants a program that will output the last semester in which a course was offered.Write a C++ console app to solve the problem. In a loop, prompt the user to enter a course name (like COMSC-210) including a subject code (like COMSC), a dash, and an alphanumeric sequence number. If a user enters uppercase or lowercase X, quit the loop and the program -- be sure to explain this in the prompt. For any other input, look up the course and output the last time that course was offered, nicely labeled (like "COMSC-210 was last offered in Fall 2014"). Or if the course is not found, output something like this: "CS-100 could not be found as far back as the year 2000" because that's as far back as the database goes.The response to user input should be practically instantaneous -- so there's no time to open and read the TXT file for every inquiry. Also remember that Spring comes before Summer comes before Fall.Data Structures In Real Life: This solution actually got deployed on (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. You can use that page to check your own CPP, because the results should match (except that the live page uses the current version of the database of course offerings, and your TXT file is an earlier snapshot of that database.)Part 2, Yet Another Use Of The DVC Schedule DatabaseEach section-term combination is supposed to be unique -- that is, there should never be two separate entries with the same section and term, with different course names. It's okay for COMSC-210-8301 in sp2016 to appear more than once -- that's a duplicate and we already skip the extra entries. But it's NOT ok to have both COMSC-210-8301 and CNT-120-8301 in sp2016. There can be "cross-listed" courses, like ARCHI-126 and ENGIN-126 in Fall 2013 in the same room at the same time with the same instructor (Tumlin, MW 6:00-8:50pm ET-124), but they always have different section numbers, like ARCHI-126-8349 and ENGIN-126-8346. The DVC Admissions Office suspects that there are at least a few such invalid entries in their database, but their staff is having trouble using Excel to locate them. They heard about what we are studying in COMSC-210, and they want to know if we can help determine if there are any such entries, and what they are.Write a C++ console app to solve the problem. Output how many term-section pairs there are with multiple courses associated with them. If there are none, output a message to that effect. But if there are any, output each of them in a format that you think DVC Admissions would understand and find useful.Data Structures In Real Life: This solution did not get deployed as such. It was developed and used in response to a specific request from DVC Admissions, and only the results were communicated.


No, we're not actually writing a binary tree implemenation. BST's are implemented in the STL's map and set , so we'll just use theirs.

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