From Destructive Conflict to Constructive Principles of Conflict:


From Destructive Conflict to ConstructivePrinciples of Conflict:Conflict is Natural in Most Western RelationshipsConflict May Be Expressed Overtly or CovertlySocial Groups Shape the Meaning of Conflict BehaviorsConflict Can Be Managed Well or PoorlyConflict Can Be Good for Individuals and Relationships1.Describe a time when you engaged in destructive interpersonal conflict.2.What characteristics made it destructive?3.How would you classify your orientation to conflict?4.Describe how this influenced your response to the conflict.5.Reviewing the conflict management skills in the text reading, which conflict management skill (passive aggression, lose-lose, win-lose, win-win, exit response, neglect response, loyalty response, voice response) could have been applied to the situation?6.How might this have helped to make the conflict more constructive?Please answer questions. I put the principle of conflict and also the conflict management skills to help


From Destructive Conflict to Constructive Principles of Conflict:

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