Tasks 1. What might be causing the slow response time?


Tasks1. What might be causing the slow response time? Prepare a brief memo explaining system performance and workload measurement, using nontechnical language that New Century users can understand easily.2. New Century's partners asked you to provide ongoing maintenance for the new system. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, you want to provide a brief description of the various types of maintenance. Prepare a brief memo that does this, and include at least two realistic examples of each type of maintenance.3. Although the system has been operational for a short time, users already have submitted several requests for enhancements and noncritical changes. Should New Century use a maintenance release methodology to handle the requests? Why or why not?4. What are the main security issues that New Century should address? Prepare a memo that lists the primary concerns and offers a specific recommendation for dealing with each issue.


Tasks 1. What might be causing the slow response time?

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