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Topic: Big Tex = Big Money

Prompt: Not all interests are equally represented in Texas politics. Identify which interest groups have the most political clout and explain why. What are some interests that are not well represented in Texas and discuss why.  What are the practical effects of high and low lobbying power? What are some of the potential abuses of these influences?

For example:

Do you think there should be clear legislation and restricting the benefits that interest groups can provide to policy makers? Why? What should the legislation include?

 Why are interest groups so influential in Texas politics? What sorts of institutional reforms could the legislation enact to reduce the influence of interest groups?

Why and under what circumstances would interest groups focus attention on state and local politics rather than using their resources to influence national policy makers?

Remember:The research criteria are 2-3 scholarly sources, plus supplemental sources for current events. Always identify your sources with both in the body of the text and with a formal citation at the end of your posting. The minimum writing requirement is 300 words and exceeded using your own words (do not include cited information in your word count).


Texas Government Discussion Board Original Post

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